Adeola Fadumiye


Yomi, famously nicknamed by me as Yummy-Munchy, is the perfect match for Eji. His personality is exactly what she needs to balance out her personality. I met Yomi during Eji's first semester of podiatrist medical school. Honestly, at first I was like "ummm, I dunno about this one." I promise there is a funny story behind my hesitation :). However, he has proven time and time again with how he treats, adores and cherishes Eji that he is good for her. I have watched her grow into a more self- assured and confident woman through this relationship, and I have seen Yummy get smooth/softer around the edges and also grow through his relationship with Eji. I am really glad they gave each other a chance. and I am happy to see them get united. I wish you both the very best.

Eji and I have been friends for a little over 8 years; I met her during her freshman orientation week in college. Someone had mentioned that there was a female Nigerian freshman, and the few of us Nigerian females on campus were excited to meet her. Lo and behold, she was easy to identify, because we saw her during the freshman club fair painting the Nigerian flag on a rock. Apparently and according to her, she was homesick. Our friendship has grown since that first day through many joys, laughter, pains and tears. I am excited and glad to witness her walk down the aisle to marry Yomi.