Bachelor Party

Tampa, FL

Eguas planned most of the events. It was basically a 3 day weekend with different activities lined up for each day - Paintball, Fifa Tournament, Ping-Pong Tournament etc. Most of the guys arrived on Friday, April 4th and I believe we all decided to go Paintballing that same day too. Most of the guys were pretty new to Paintball so I knew it was going to be a very painful experience for some of them...hehehe. I want to say we had 3-4 more guys join us and we split up into teams of 7.

First of all, most of us were not as fit as we thought. In Paintball, there is a lot of crouching, ducking, crawling and just basic agility movements so after the first few minutes of crouching, some guys had to stand to stretch their legs and of course this made them vulnerable and very easy targets. I remember Shola getting lit up by Emeka from the back. He got shot right in the butt and he yelled so loud that we all had to take a timeout to get a good laugh in . I can't remember which team won but I can tell you that we were all pretty sore after Paintball.

Later, that night I think we went club hopping (I can't really remember most of what happened that weekend because I along with the rest of the guys were drunk most of the time). Anyways, I won't be a chatty patty and say what happened the two nights we were there but let's just say Boys will be Boys and we all had a great time.

The next daytime activity was brunch followed by a Fifa tournament. I totally suck in Fifa so I didn't participate much. Heck, I couldn't even beat Gabe! Gabe doesn't even own any of the gaming system and he held his own with me. After Fifa, I believe there was a ping-pong tournament and a race. As you can see in the pictures above, I gracefully bowed out and didn't want to embarrass myself like Emeka. Plus I was the most obese one in the stress I guess.

The race was supposed to be between Ehinomen and Shola. They had been talking smack to each other for weeks prior to that weekend. They both came dressed up in the right gear for the race. Shola even had on compression pants! I will say Ehinomen at the time was about 150 lbs, while Shola was 230ish (so you have to factor in the weight difference). Since there was a lot of testosterone flowing around, Emeka felt the need to get in the race too. He wasn't dressed up for the race (he was wearing jeans) and he bragged about being in the Army and being very fit; his exact words were "These losers can't catch me lol". Well let's just say it did not end well for him and I will leave it there

The race capped off the weekend. It was fun hanging out with these guys; they made it a very memorable weekend.