Bami Olubajo


I met Yomi about 3 years ago at a lounge in downtown Philadelphia. Yomi had just moved to Philadelphia from New Jersey and was trying to find out the "hot spots" to go to in Philly. As a good fellow naija boy, I decided to take Yomi under my wings and show him the ropes in my city lol.. Seriously tho, even though I've know Yomi for a relatively short period of time we are like brothers.

I met Eji aka Pinky aka Blessing (Ble-Ble) through a mutual friend, Chiz, one of the groomsmen for this upcoming special event. I also help organize the birthday party (chisom's b-day party 2010) where Yomi and Eji got "cozy". I slipped a little bit of love potion in their drinks that night.