Chizom Ezenekwe


I was introduced to Yomi through a close friend of mine in Philadelphia about 3-4 years ago. I must say upon meeting the brother in a few occasions one can readily identify his persona. Whether it being from his charming smile or sharp-mounted tongue to his inquisitive and over daring personality, you can only hate to love the guy.

Yet in that same short time period, I also came to learn and share that this gentleman is a very charismatic, kind-hearted, successful and highly motivated man that only reserves to follow a respected and ambitious small group of people that he keeps around him dearly. So I knew this was a good guy and friend to keep in my circle and stay connected to…and very well he extended the same cordial friendship to me through the years and ongoing. Thanks Bro

I must say I met Eji through a mutual school colleague of mine during an outing in Philadelphia about 4 years ago. Other than just being a small, energetic “ball of joyfulness” from her first presence, Eji was very versatile with her Yoruba and Igbo language dialect that made her a very likeable person at contact. In addition, not only is she open to confidently embracing her culture in public (that you hardly see in our generation), she is a very God fearing person that always invited me to church which in fact rekindled my attendance and my Christian walk and faith- or maybe perhaps she was just using me for a ride to church Chei!!... that I will never know (haha) But still, I have to thank her for her religious contribution in my life.

All in all, Eji is a very pleasurable woman and friend I have come to know through the years and many more to come.