Dee Olateru


Flashback (or is it #tbt these days?) to Fall 2005 at Winona State University (woot woot Go Warriors!!). There was a small West African population, and an even smaller Nigerian student population (like less than 8), so we all were a pretty tight knit group. Oh Lord, the things we did together! Every semester during orientation, we should check the list or ask the Student Ambassadors about any incoming Nigerian students. Most times, the answer was 'no.' For some reason, apparently Winona, Minnesota is not the hottest spot for Nigerians coming to study in the USA. People seem to flock to the D/M/V area or anywhere warmer instead. Fall 2005 was different: God had mercy, and it turned out, there was some girl arriving, we were excited to have our numbers grow (by like 20%, yes I like to see numbers) but we also hoped this new girl be cool to hang out/do college life with. the girl came, and I did not meet her right away, but I knew she was in town as some other people had met her. Anyway, so one day, still during that first week of orientation. I was walking with someone (maybe Adeola, but I'm not 100% sure, its been 8 years guys!!) on that path between the Performing Arts Center (PAC) and Phelps Hall. The freshmen girls from Eji's hall were doing all those extra bonding things that they do with Resident Assistants. This time, they were painting brick door stoppers for their dorm rooms. Some were pretty, others were boring, but then, we happened upon a sloppy-looking door stopper painted in the colours of the Nigerian flag! Then we looked at the painter, and there she was, in that brown shiny halter top (the one with the criss cross in the front) that was her favourite (borderline uniform) for a whiiiillleee!

Needless to say, we've grown close since that day, and we needn't have worried she WAS great to hang out with and do regular college life with. OMG, this girl would talk to everyone and anyone, at anytime and she seemed to have ten extra doses of energy at anytime. She still is/can/does! I'm so glad that we've stayed close and consider her a little sister.

I met Yomi before I 'met' Yomi. My initial impression of Yomi was through Eji gisting me about this "guy" on my way home from work one day as I was on the bus jejely. I remember saying something along the lines of 'whaattt in the world, lai lai! who does that, who is this guy?" Lol for details on the gist that led to this reaction, you're going to have to ask me at the wedding. Afterwards, I 'met' him via technology (phone or something) Anyway, since I live in MN and Eji was in Philly, I didn't get to meet Yomi in flesh in August 2011 when they were in town for a friend's wedding. And then, my impression changed to "Alright, alright he's legit." Lesson learnt: First impressions aren't always right!