Eguas Agbontaen


I’ll try my best to provide an accurate narrative of my first encounter with the groom to be. It was a beautiful Saturday in 2003, with steady lights and soothing warmth of the sun beaming down in the Great Land of Tampa Florida, New Tampa to be exact, where I was introduced to the black Knight, aka “Yom Be Easy” by his cousins Shola Makinde and Tope Makinde. Immediately after our introduction, armed with the knowledge that I’m not a gamer, Yomi wasted no time and quickly lured me into a game of FIFA (or was it Winning Eleven) and MADDEN where he proceeded to give me a senseless whooping. His competitive nature and the desire to win were on overdrive that day and he made no apologies for it. I admired this about him, even though my ego was a little bruised from the numerous losses. Yomi had a way of trash talking you to death, backing it up with his game and lifting you up at the same time by stuffing you up with some delicious Jollof rice and barbeque beef; for those of you who don’t know, he’s a master chef, strictly my opinion. Over the years I have had the pleasure of calling Yomi a friend, he has consistently demonstrated growth (in education & career) kindness, humility, loyalty to friends, family, and the Kansas City Chiefs. For the longest time, his admiration and love for the Chiefs (Priest Holmes & The human joystick) was second to none until now. Since Eji came in the picture, my friend is happier and I couldn’t be more proud of this couple. I’m truly privileged to call Yomi and Eji friends and I can’t wait for the big day.

I met spoke to Eji on the phone conversation with Yomi a couple of years ago and finally met her in person at another friend wedding on April 20, 2013. She is exactly as advertised – smart, beautiful and able to keep Yomi in check. Ooh before I forget, she also revealed a major flaw in Yomi’s ability to move to rhythm and coordination challenges (he kept this a secret from his friends). Trying to describe this major revelation does very little justice to the really bad dance moves displayed by Yomi in a video posted on facebook by Eji. They were complete opposites; Eji was flawless with fluid motion to the rhythm and my friend on the other hand, was very rigid, awful and no rhythm whatsoever. That image of him dancing is seared in my brain and I hope Eji will provide some much needed lessons to avoid another episode at the wedding. Eji, please work your magic and rob your killer dance moves on Yomi before the big day.