Esosa Imoisili


I have known Yomi for over 23 years. We lived in the same neighborhood. A couple years prior my family had relocated from the U.S and the estate where we lived was the third placed I lived in that short amount of time. Yomi took me in and made me feel welcome in the area. Soon enough we became good friends.

We had a crew which was Yomi, Femi Serrano (another childhood friend of ours) and I. We were all inseparable, spending our summer days playing street fighter 2 turbo on the SNES (only old heads will remember) and summer evenings playing basketball. We eventually attended the same secondary school and were on the same basketball team together as well. We actually both moved to the U.S the same year but on different sides of the country but we kept in touch over the years. I have seen Yomi through the high top fades to the jerrycurl to his current state of baldness, lol..

One thing that has not changed is his character. A natural born leader that fiercely protects those he cares about. A man that sticks up for his convictions and sticks by those he believes in. Safe to say he is my oldest friend and I am happy to be a witness to him taking his most important step in his life. I have not met Eji personally yet but I feel like I already know her.

I remember when he first started dating her. Their relationship was different from what I gathered from him. Not from what he said about her but how he talked about her. Yomi is the type of guy that plays it close to the vest. What this means is Yomi does not like to depend on people or show too much emotion. Yet, secretly (I believe anyways)Yomi had been waiting for the woman he could spend the rest of his life with at least two years before he met her. I know this from how he talked about dating and relationships. At the time I was dating my wife and I told him to be patient and when he met the woman he was going to be with to give his all. I could only give advice from my experience. So when he first mentioned her I was happy for him. I knew that she was meant for him. He told me how they supported each other on every single level and how they were one spiritually. When a man starts mentioning a woman and God then you already know that it is meant to be. I am so happy for both of them and elated to be a part of their special day.