The First Date

The First Date

Yomi and I hung out quite a lot before our official first date. He would always stop to see me on his way back from work just to spend some time with me. We had several non-official dates (hangouts as I would call it) and they typically involved trying out one of the several restaurants in Philadelphia. I’d say we did this for about a month before going on our first real date.

I remember him calling me to see if I was available on a Saturday in December. He told me he wanted to take me to a place that would take my breath away. He did not give a lot of clues about the date other than to dress warm because we will be outside in the cold weather.

Little did I know that he was going to be taking me to one of the premier botanical gardens of the United States - Longwood Gardens. What even made it more special and fascinating was the fact that it was during the Christmas holiday season.

Upon arrival, we were amazed by the perfectly, manicured grounds of Longwood Garden, and since we went there in the late afternoon, we were able to get a really good treat. In the daytime, we saw all sorts of flowers, trees and perfectly sculptured plants while later in the evening, when the sun set, we saw Christmas lights all over the gardens, outlining almost every tree on the property, giving us an amazing light show.

We were also treated to a wonderful fountain show with a live orchestra. The large fountains were lit with holiday themed lighting schemes, which was pretty cool. The music playing in the background also set the mood for a very relaxing and harmonious atmosphere.

After being outside in the cold for awhile, we went into the indoor arboretum, which was surprisingly warm. It is an enormous structure that consists of many different rooms. What was neat about the different room in the arboretum was that each room housed different species of plants and trees and there was information about the different species of plants which we found very interesting. There was also a huge christmas tree in the middle of the aboretum. It was well decorated with all sorts of ornaments.

We spent the rest of our time there walking through Longwood Gardens and learning more about each other. I learned a lot about Yomi that day like how he randomly raises his eyebrows, his lovely smile, his fear of spiders, and his love for kids etc.

I couldn’t have asked for a better first date. It was casual but also very romantic. Thanks Boo!!!