Gabe Inyang


I met Yomi in 2006 through my sister when I graduated and moved to Tampa, Florida. She immediately recommended Yomi as the best person to show me the ropes around the city. Someone to show me the nightlife (Dale Mabry), .....introduce me to other cool Nigerians (his groomsmen)... and point me towards the best barber shops(still waiting). Obviously, the last goal was a shot in the dark. But since then, over the past 8 years, we have bonded over shopping deals at Forever 21 and Target, sharing stock trade tricks, and our shared B-school grievances. From our good times shared in Philly and DC to great times shared in Tampa and Atlanta, I pray the best times are yet to come with Yomi and Eji in foreverland….

I first met Eji in DC when Yomi and I were groomsmen at Ehinomen’s wedding. The second time we met, Yomi and I were groomsmen again, but this time at Tony's wedding. I guess the third time’s a charm, because the next time I see her, she will be walking down the aisle, but this time to her own prince. Since meeting Eji, we have bonded over Jamaican curry oxtail, the awesomeness of being partially calabar, and best of all, predicting Yomis groomzillaness in preparation for their wedding. May God bless their matrimony!