Shola Makinde

Best Man

Due to Yomi and I living in different parts of the country for the entirety of the time that he has dated Eji, it has been tough being able to spend time with the both of them at the same time. But May of 2012 at another close friend's wedding created the perfect opportunity and atmosphere for witness the love the two of them have for each other. Prior to this event, I only had second hand knowledge of the relationship that both of them shared, but after that weekend, I can see and appreciate why they chose each other to embark of this life-long journey.

We (meaning everybody in the entire world) knows that Yomi is probably the worst dancer on earth. Even worse than that crazy drunk oyinbo guy everyone has seen at one point in time. While at the wedding reception, our group of friends behaved in their customary manner and clowned Yomi at every given chance about his dancing skills. Eji on the other hand was having none of it. In her eyes, Yomi's moves were equivalent to Michael Jacksons' or MC Hammer. She was relentless in her defense of Yomi's dancing.

It became apparent to me that she truly was not seeing the same thing that every single human being on earth was seeing, and the only explanation that I have for her point of view is the love that she has for Yomi. It is a love that is apparently so

strong that it can distort the very fabric of reality. That is something truly special, and someone like me can only admire. Though, I use a lighthearted example of the type of love and affection that Yomi and Eji share for each other, I do not want to trivialize just how special of a bond this is.

As Yomi's cousin, I have been in a position to see him grow from the boy who played basketball in the streets of Gbagada, to the man who has excelled in his educational, and professional careers, and now to the man who I know will be a terrific husband and father. I believe Eji has made a great choice in picking Yomi to be her husband, and I believe Yomi will continue to show Eji not just through his words, but through his actions, that he will be the best husband to her, and the best father for her children. I am so excited for these two to start the next phase of their lives together. May God bless them now, and continue to bless them as we march towards their upcoming nuptuals.