Anthony Udo-Utun


I’m pretty sure life would be quite boring without friends. They’re like a family you share the things you don’t share with your family. You tell them your biggest secrets and you’re the keeper of their deepest secrets. In Yomi’s case I’m the keeper of all his secrets and I’ll be selling them to the highest bidder. Our tale begins in the summer of 2006. I was visiting a mutual friend and Yomi just happened to be there. My first impression/thought was, “this guy sure uses a lot of Vaseline, I can see myself on his head.” I thought he didn’t like me because he had his eyebrows raised. With time I came to understand that as his signature look and not to confuse it for something else. We’ve spent lots of time together and over time we discovered we had similar interests. We’ve been friends for some time now. He’s a great friend and I’m honored to be one of his groomsmen.

Eji for me was like tales of mythical creatures like Big Foot or The Unicorn. Often heard of but never really seen. I thought evidence of her existence were purely anecdotal and made up by Yomi. I was finally convinced of her existence when she attended my Wedding in April 2013. She was a lot shorter than I expected but had a personality that would turn any dull situation into an interesting one. What she lacked in height she more than made up for in character. I’m convinced that she’s definitely the right fit for my buddy. #makinganhonestmanoutofyomi.